Aerodrome technical inspection

JASKO’s qualified staff provide the full scope of an Aerodrome Technical Inspection including surveys, operational documents audit and electrical inspections.

Aerodrome  Inspections are conducted in accordance with the requirements set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 Part 139 Aerodromes, and the Manual of Standards Part 139 – Aerodromes.

The resulting report provides a true picture of the state of the aerodrome with respect to its compliance with applicable standards relating to the published details, operating procedures, competency of Aerodrome Reporting Officer/s and the details related to the movement areas.

The report also includes edited data for AIP publication, an obstacle list which notes obstacles recommended for removal or lopping, and a Corrective Actions Plan.

As part of our service, we also provide a pre-written NOTAM for submitting to the NOTAM office and KML files which enable accurate identification of obstacles.